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More Than Lipstick

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: June 17, 2008, from the July 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Key finding No. 4: Beauty care is about feeling pampered. Women have stated that, to them, beauty care is about feeling better, relaxed and balanced—it’s about feeling pampered. This is one of the top adjectives used to describe why females prefer certain brands.

Turn on the hot water, pour in the bubbles and bring down the lights—48% of women turn to a hot bath in order to fight stress and feel indulged. Almost a quarter of them prefer a good massage as a great way to keep stress at bay.

For the majority of females today, fighting stress is a critical element of beauty care. Discovering how your spa’s products and services can help them achieve this can lead to market success. (See Favorite Stress-reducing Treatments.)

Key finding No. 5: Women feel good about themselves, but want to look younger. Contrary to popular belief, most women feel good about their appearance and identity. However, they still are very interested in learning about and purchasing beauty products that make them look younger and feel better. Forty-five percent of women said they rate their looks as above average; 46% percent are extremely happy with their overall beauty; and 42% percent want to buy beauty products that make them look younger.

Assess for success

Spa owners must assess how the continued broadening definition of beauty care affects the market. Do your beauty care products and services go beyond traditional cosmetics? Do they help women relieve stress, feel pampered, look younger or tap into their desire to take better care of themselves? Understanding these fundamental drivers can help produce sales growth and profit improvement for spas.