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Camouflage--More Than Makeup

By: Andrea D. Vanin
Posted: June 16, 2008, from the August 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

No matter where you are located or who your clientele is, there is likely to be a large population of spa clients who seek the benefits of a good camouflage makeup professional. Realtors require continually updated photography shots for marketing fliers and posters. Brides and bridal parties want flawless makeup for picture-perfect memories. Burn center and cosmetic surgery patients need to cover burns and scars. Many other clients also can benefit from camouflage makeup techniques.

Ciana Salon and Day Spa, located in Los Altos, California, realized the immense need for this service. Jody Bowen, the spa’s camouflage makeup expert, noted that looking at the demographics of the surrounding area helped to determine which approach to camouflage makeup services the spa should take. “In this area of the country, the demographics led us to promote more high-end services,” she says. “We have a lot of clients who are involved with photography sessions and need quality makeup application but just don’t have the time to apply it themselves. We also see a lot of cosmetic surgery clients who are looking to hide scars and cover the healing process after surgery.”

Camouflage application

Upon making a camouflage makeup appointment at Ciana Salon and Day Spa, clients meet with a talented camouflage makeup specialist. Although not all of the clients’ dreams will be achieved through the session, the specialist discusses with them what they are looking for and what they expect to see in the mirror.

Bowen suggests asking clients what makeup products they will be using. Make sure that the products are gentle enough for the skin and will not create an adverse effect or cause more damage. At Ciana Salon and Day Spa, Bowen uses Kryolan Professional Make-up because of its waterproof properties. She adds, “The waterproof availability is especially important for clients who may have some disfiguration from surgeries, accidents, fires or any kind of skin trauma or natural birth defects.” This enables camouflage makeup wearers to continue an everyday lifestyle—whether it be swimming or working out—without feeling self-conscious about their looks.

Next, the specialist helps clients to find the right match to their skin tone during a personal makeup lesson at the spa. Professional camouflage cosmetics are a little thicker and more disguising than regular makeup cosmetics. “This is an important feature of the makeup and the reason clients are able to blend and hide bruising or visible incision lines and scarring,” says Bowen. “I recommend explaining this to the client while the professional shows them the proper ways to apply the makeup.”