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Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: June 13, 2008, from the September 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The participants took away not only an enormous variety of cash and prizes, but they also gained something even more valuable: confidence. “This helps them find jobs and gives them inner strength,” says Westmore. “The scholarships give them a helping hand with their continuing education—really the only education they get in makeup. It’s our way of mentoring the new makeup artists of tomorrow.”

These benefits weren’t wasted on the winners, despite being overwhelmed with the generous prizes. “Receiving everything was like Christmas,” exclaimed Keri Jones, second-place winner and a student from The Academy of Hair Design in Las Vegas. “The scholarship is amazing, and I’m going to take advantage of that in January. It’s going to be so beneficial.” Agajanian, who plans to go to Westmore Academy in the spring, says, “I’m so glad I competed because it’s been hard for me to find out what I wanted to do.”

Castillo agrees: “It was such a good experience. It helped me believe in myself more, and it was nice to see that others value your work. The competition was like a touch of real life as a makeup artist.” She plans to redeem her scholarship after she graduates from cosmetology school.

A success

This opportunity will be available next year to students who will have a chance to contribute magical and mystical creations under the same theme. According to Jones, it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. “Competitions allow you to gain confidence. You broaden your creativity and increase your experience, which is so important,” she says. “Going out there in the makeup world can be intimidating, and this really helps you ease into it.”

Deemed a success by all, the first International Student Makeup Competition achieved its goal: to nurture and support talented young people who have the dream and desire to become makeup artists. And what does Westmore get out of its success? To that question, he replies, “What does any teacher get out of teaching? It is mentoring. It’s in my blood. We are filling a need. When you find a student who has an open mind, and is willing and ready, it’s a treat.”