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Cosmetic Counter: Airbrush With Greatness

By Ameann DeJohn
Posted: May 23, 2008, from the July 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Airbrush makeup is available in an array of colors to suit various skin tones, ranging from very light for fair Caucasians to the darkest brown for black skin and all skins tones in between. Stock foundation colors can also be combined and mixed to achieve the perfect, customized tone for every individual.

Of course, the face and neck are the most common areas of application, but any part of the body can be airbrushed. Foundation is the most common form of makeup applied this way, but blush, eye shadow and self-tanners can also be airbrushed on. In addition, eyebrows or tattoos can be created with an airbrush, using a stencil.

Amy Palma, celebrity makeup artist and the owner of the SoBe Makeup Studio in southern Florida, is a longtime user of airbrush makeup and knows some of its greatest advantages. “The best thing about the airbrush is it delivers long-lasting makeup that stays matte for up to 10 hours. It’s great for a bride or someone with oily skin that may be outside or perspiring,” Palma says. “It stays matte and does not melt down in the heat, and it also will not rub off like regular makeup. That makes airbrush makeup a plus for a bride who will be dancing cheek-to-cheek and hugging and kissing guests. And some artists have a hard time applying foundation evenly for a flawless look. For those artists, the airbrush is mistake-proof as far as delivering a smooth, even finish.”

Another airbrush advantage, according to Palma, is its versatility. “I have also airbrushed to cover stretch marks, spider veins and scars on the body, and it does not and will not rub off on the client’s clothes,” Palma says.

Airbrushing on your own

Airbrush makeup application now can be found on the menu in many finer spas. While the spray can version is available to purchase for every day or occasional home use, in-house makeup applications, usually done with a compressor and airbrush, have become very popular for special occasions and wedding day makeup applications due to its light, natural finish.