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Suppliers Speak Out--Color Cosmetic Trends

Posted: May 19, 2008, from the June 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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“Minerals. Minerals are still hot, and now they are offered in pressed powders too, a less messy way to use mineral makeup. Minerals are natural and healthy to wear. Minerals will not block pores and are virtually allergy risk-free. Minerals offer complete coverage for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and redness of the skin following treatments. Minerals also expand and contract with facial movements and do not settle in fine lines.”
Erika Bosley, marketing manager
Sormé Cosmetics

“According to professional makeup artist Jaime Kitson, ‘The most exciting cosmetic formulation has been multiuse products. For me, as a person using makeup on myself and my clients, a product has to be two-dimensional for the woman on the go. Women today do not have time to use 1,000 products; they want to look great in five minutes or less.’
       “I agree with Jaime 100% that multiuse products are imperative for the modern woman. Having a product that is multiuse saves time, money and is easy to take with you for touch ups during the day.
       “I also believe that a very exciting and necessary cosmetic formulation has been mineral makeup. Although not new to the world of cosmetics, mineral makeup is rapidly becoming more and more popular. Women are very concerned with taking care of their skin; it contains only natural ingredients, and it will not obstruct the skin. It provides long-lasting coverage and is so light, you can’t even feel it”
Laura Zachary, sales manager, Mineral Mine

“The inclusion of serious skin care active ingredients within a cosmetic makeup product. Some makeup formulations feature powerful active ingredients that are presented in the skin care professional and homecare products—actives from sources such as botanicals, biotechnology, neurocosmetics, and minerals and polymers.”
Caroline Rushworth, director of education
Sothys USA, Inc.

“Skin-bettering ingredients in cosmetics—cosmeceuticals. Nothing new to spas, but mineral makeup is just starting to hit the mass market. What is new in spas is offering more than mineral makeup: mineral makeup with cosmeceuticals.”
Alphonse Wiebelt
vice president of development and education
TRUE Cosmetics

“Mineral-based makeup products continue to be an important part of the cosmetics world. We are also seeing makeup that actually changes color to match skin type. This technology is in the early stages, but it will certainly be an important factor in time to come. Makeup that changes color to highlight the positive and hide the negative will be the wave of the future.
  “Age-defying makeup and makeup with anti-aging benefits is another trend in the marketplace. When setting out to create a makeup collection, we also wanted it to be referred to as treatment makeup because of our choice ingredients that contained seaweed, vitamins and minerals that would actually help nourish skin. As technology improves, beauty products must change along with it. As long as beauty and youth rule the marketplace, there will always be consumers willing to do and try almost anything that helps make them look and feel better.”
Shiri Sarfati
vice president of international
and domestic marketing and sales