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Suppliers Speak Out--Color Cosmetic Trends

Posted: May 19, 2008, from the June 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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“Women are increasingly seeking natural skin care and cosmetics, and they are looking for active products that protect their skin and help minimize the effects of aging.”
Mari Roseman
marketing director, Colorlab Cosmetics

“The most exciting new cosmetic formulation is high definition (HD) micro makeup—perfect for HD, as well as digital cameras—think bridal photos. Because the film and entertainment industry’s standard is quickly changing to HDTV, makeup has to be able to adjust to the new demand. Regular makeup doesn’t work as well with HDTV. HD micro makeup hides the imperfections of skin on HDTV so the actors look perfect.”
Claudia Longo, U.S. manager
Kryolan Professional Makeup

“Most new product development at this time is focused on the addition of skin care benefits to product formulations delivering nonsurgical cosmetic improvements. Two examples come to mind. One is foundation with UVA and UVB filters that contain the finest micropigments to diffuse and reflect light and reduce fine lines and wrinkles while working with a partner moisturizer, based on skin type and condition, to enhance the delivery of the moisturizer’s skin care benefits. The other is lip color and lip gloss with integrated plumping agents, enhanced by moisturizing agents and reflecting gloss pigments, which together create a 3-D effect to physically and visibly enlarge the lips, to deliver fuller-looking lips and clear lip contours.”
Paula Derrick, vice president of sales
BABOR Cosmetics North America

“The most exciting has been anti-aging ingredients in cosmetic formulas. With the inclusion of liposomes, such as coenzyme Q10, in formulas of mineral cosmetics, the results are incredibly long-lasting and provide the ultimate in skin health and protection. Mineral makeup has certainly been around for a while but is just now becoming mainstream in the fashion and beauty arenas. Mineral makeup interacts with light to create a soft focus, luminous effect; something that every woman, not just celebrities and models, love. Minerals reflect and refract the light so that skin looks smoother, more even-toned and younger.”
Theresa Robison
vice president of business development
Jane Iredale—The Skin Care Makeup

“An exciting cosmetic formulation on the market today is mineral powder sunscreen that is chemical-free and derives all of its sun-protective properties from the earth itself. This invisible powder sunscreen does not interfere with makeup application and keeps the skin cool.”
Crystal Gryniuk
national marketing and public relations director