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Suppliers Speak Out--Color Cosmetic Trends

Posted: May 19, 2008, from the June 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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“The trends of color cosmetics are highly influenced by runway fashion and the season itself. The seasonal makeup collections are created to wear in harmony with the color and textures of the fabric and fashion styles of the season.
       “The color trends or looks are also influenced by the season, taking inspiration from the characteristics of the summer months, cool winters, and the specific activities that occur during these periods of time, such as holidays and summer vacations.”
Caroline Rushworth, director of education, Sothys USA, Inc.

“Fashion designers, makeup artists and celebrities very often set trends. If you remember the ‘80s, fashion was very bold and colorful, and so were the makeup trends. Today, the trends in makeup are much more natural, not so made up. However, that doesn’t mean that makeup is dull and colorless, it just means that looks tend to be more subtle. Dazzling eye color can spark an otherwise subdued look and create an overall glamorous look.
        “Since fashion runway shows are presented a year before the season, makeup conceptions follow suit. One point of note is that many runway looks edge toward the dramatic. The end consumer would not be so extravagant. The period after the collections are shown and before looks hit the stores is when the importance of the makeup artist and stylist comes into play. Part of their job is to take looks and interpret them for the various makeup manufacturers around the world to create looks that fit into today’s lifestyles. Most larger makeup companies have their signature looks. Some companies specialize in dramatic colors, others specialize in fashion trends, while others provide a little of both in order to capture a broader market.”
Shiri Sarfati
vice president of international
and domestic marketing and sales

“Fashion and runway trends are the strongest influence. As new fabrics and materials are produced for designers to create their collections, this stems the creative process, which in return creates color trends.”
Alphonse Wiebelt
vice president of development and education
TRUE Cosmetics

“Color trends, like fashion, are typically influenced by social issues, politics, the economy, the environment, and traditional and popular cultures. Runway trends can greatly influence cosmetic colors. The various layers of the fashion industry know the colors and styles they will be marketing for a particular season 18 months in advance. This information is one of many sources of inspiration for designers in all areas of fashion and related industries, including cosmetics.”
Flo McRae, vice president and co-founder, CosMedix

“Color trends are driven primarily by the fashion industry and also by key celebrity trendsetters. We also take color trends from nature, especially the spring and fall. Makeup shades are heavily influenced by what is shown on the runway.”
Theresa Robison, vice president of business development Jane Iredale—The Skin Care Makeup

“Fashion plays a pivotal role in influencing cosmetic colors. In general, bright, extreme colors have a brief popularity, to be replaced by more down-to-earth tones. Lightness or darkness, as well as intensity of a given color, is taken into account in all color trends, too.”
Erika Bosley, marketing manager, Sormé Cosmetics