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The Over-50 Makeover

By: Teresa Paquin
Posted: October 31, 2012, from the November 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

After; Photo courtesy of Makeup Artist: Teresa Paquin; Photographer: Maria Nicolet, Nicolet Photography; Hairstylist: Robyn Watson, Salon 25; and Model: Lin Nicolet.

As clients age, especially women over 50, they either entirely give up on wearing makeup or are frustrated with the results. Aging brings many changes to the face and the skin. What an amazing opportunity skin care professionals and makeup artists have to help women of all ages feel and look their best. It is so rewarding to see firsthand not only the physical transformation, but also the change in a client’s emotions as she discovers how easy it is to bring out her features.

In this age-defying instructional makeover on Lin Nicolet, a 52-year-old grandmother and mother of four, some very simple techniques will be used to help bring back the client who either has given up on makeup entirely or is possibly struggling with the aging process. Your job is to help keep it simple by educating and equipping clients with the right products, tools and techniques so that they can recreate what you have taught them with ease. Never underestimate the power of helping someone discover her personal beauty. All of it matters and makes a difference in getting clients one step closer to healthy self-esteem.

For Lin’s makeup look, the goal was for it to reflect her natural beauty by creating an elegant makeup application that brought all the attention to her stunning eyes. The cheek and the lip area were kept in check, and made softer and more neutral. Overall, this look is very modern and fresh.

Step 1: Apply a makeup primer all over the client’s face using a synthetic foundation brush. A primer will help smooth out any minor imperfections on the skin, as well as help the makeup last longer. You will find you do not have to use as much foundation.

Step 2: Using a small concealer brush, apply an eyelid primer all over the eyelids. It is also fine to use a concealer to even out the tone in place of a eyelid primer. If the client has a problem with eyeshadows not lasting a long time, an eyelid primer may be the solution.