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Fall 2012 Color Preview: The Fantasy of Fall

By: Sara Mason
Posted: August 29, 2012, from the September 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Titanium can be used as an eyeliner or eye shadow, and can be layered over other colors for a smoky eye.

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Rounding out the new neutrals is Rose Smoke, a veiled rose tone that pairs especially well with Titanium, as well as Rhapsody. “Rose Smoke is an amazing base color for all over the lid for brown, hazel and green eyes,” says Mee. “A better option than a typical flesh color, Rose Smoke enhances the green and complements the brown without looking made up.” According to Mee, Rose Smoke is also a great lip gloss hue, layered over lipsticks that are too bright or too dark for some.

Showing off

From a retail standpoint, the fall colors offer the ability to show clients endless possibilities. “You can easily showcase one multipurpose product and demonstrate for clients the gorgeous fashion look that suits them,” suggests Bennett.

Skin care facilities have the perfect opportunity to try out the fall colors on their clients after a facial, with a little pressed minerals and colored gloss. “Clients love walking out feeling great about how they look, but not necessarily with a bare face,” says Paquin. “People are hesitant to try a new color, but show them how it looks and they love it.” Sometimes they just need to try it on. “Keep it exciting and fresh,” says Paquin. “Help clients make everything wearable by educating them and making it fun at the same time.”

Displays, workshops and complimentary events featuring the colors will help your clients get excited about fall. “Have the makeup available so that clients can stop in and try everything,” recommends Paquin. She also suggests having a contest on Facebook or your spa’s website, to give new colors and products exposure and generate interest. Select three clients on which to apply a fall look, then post the before-and-after pictures.

With this year’s palette of enchanting colors more fantasy than traditional, generating excitement for fall won’t be difficult. The variety and range of colors play to consumers’ practical side with versatile, new neutrals as well, meaning there is something for everyone. Each client will have her favorites, so help find a way to bring out her individuality while embracing the enchanting colors of fall.