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Fall 2012 Color Preview: The Fantasy of Fall

By: Sara Mason
Posted: August 29, 2012, from the September 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Titanium can be used as an eyeliner or eye shadow, and can be layered over other colors for a smoky eye.

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Olympian Blue is another beautiful jewel tone for the coming season. “Try Olympian Blue as inner rim eyeliner to brighten the eyes if a client’s usual eye makeup includes black on the inner rim,” advises Mee. “For brown or green eyes, blend Olympian Blue into Pink Flambé for an amazing rainbow effect of color, or try Olympian Blue on the lower eyelid and under the lower lash line, and fade it into the Ultramarine Green for a dramatic evening look.”

Mellow and muted

Ethereal Rhapsody is a grayed-down purple that also encourages comfort and serenity with its quiet, muted tone. “The beautiful gray-lavender is perfect as an eye shadow paired with a thick sweep of a catlike black liner, or try this color for nails,” recommends Katz. She also believes it is especially beautiful for older clients as a lovely, soft eye shadow with a bit of liner and mascara.

Katz’ favorite color of this season’s grouping, however, is Honey Gold, a mellow, burnished yellow that is eminently wearable. A fan of this as an eye shadow color for years, Katz is glad to see it in the forefront this season. “Use it with a thin black liner—although a thick black or brown line, or just a couple of coats of mascara—make this color work for many looks and on many skin tones,” she says. According to Katz, it works on almost anyone, especially clients with blue eyes, but should be avoided by those who have skin with very yellow undertones.

New neutrals

One of Paquin’s favorites this autumn is French Roast, a beautiful rich and robust brown. The tasty, sophisticated hue is a great alternative to the black and charcoal basics typically worn in the fall. “This color really intensifies blue eyes, and is a nice departure from charcoal and blacks for clients with brown eyes, when doing smoky eyes,” she says. Paquin recommends applying French Roast under the eye area, then softening it with a cotton swab, to give it that perpetually on-trend soft smoky eye. According to Katz, it is one of the colors that can work with a lot of people.

Bennett loves the elegant and versatile Titanium because it’s got a bit of warmth to it and less contrast to skin tones. “It looks organic, as opposed to a cold, steely gray,” he explains. It’s a great departure from the bluish-gray that doesn’t necessarily complement every skin tone. Titanium can be used as an eyeliner or eye shadow, and can be layered over other colors for a smoky eye. “You can pair it with Honey Gold, and it looks beautiful with the Olympian Blue or Bright Chartreuse. It also works well with browns and can be mixed with Tangerine Tango,” continues Bennett. “It’s a great transition color for those who are afraid to experiment.”