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Fall 2012 Color Preview: The Fantasy of Fall

By: Sara Mason
Posted: August 29, 2012, from the September 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Titanium can be used as an eyeliner or eye shadow, and can be layered over other colors for a smoky eye.

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Bennett also suggests a makeup bag update. Have your clients bring their current products with them to their next appointment. Ask what is currently working, what they want to do differently and what facial features they want to emphasize. Look in the client’s makeup bag. What’s clearly being used and what’s not? What a client says and what she really uses might be totally different. “She might have colors already that are a perfect match,” Bennett says. “Show her how to use them together, and sneak in a color that coordinates with what she is comfortable using and brings her up-to-date at the same time.”


Skin is always in. “Well-cared for skin with a glow and a blot to keep down shine is always au courant,” says celebrity makeup artist Emily Katz. In winter, there is often more matting down of the skin with powder, but too much foundation and powder looks evident, and can age the look. “Strive for flawless-but-alive skin that is the perfect canvas for whatever color looks you may execute,” she says.

“For cheeks, start with a neutral face with a light bronze, then apply a pop of color, sheer pink or peach, over it,” recommends Paquin. It’s easier for women in real life to use colors that are softer and more suited to their skin tone, because mistakes can be made with vivid colors. The key is always to blend.

It’s important to educate yourself on skin color in order to share information with your clients. “Once they understand their own colorations, it makes it much easier for them to choose makeup that works,” says Katz.


Vivid and vibrant or mellow and muted, the eyes and lips are definitely drawing attention this fall. Bold, smoky eyes with long lashes this season continue to be an emphasis, often featuring bright jewel-toned shadows in colors ranging from purple to green. According to Marcus, the easiest way to wear bright colors is by using them all over the eye lid, hugging the lash line. On the fashion runways, this look is being demonstrated primarily with a naked lip that is flesh-toned or very nude. Paquin loves to play up the eyes, and make the vibrant colors wearable and age-defying for any woman.