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Camera-ready Makeover

By: Kristen Thérèse Leonard
Posted: July 30, 2012, from the August 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

After camera-ready makeover

It is commonly believed that makeup is used only when trying to enhance a person’s appearance; however, when it comes to being on camera, whether it is film, television or photography, makeup is often needed just to maintain a person’s appearance. There are many factors to consider when applying makeup for a client who will be on camera, and one of the most common issues is shine. Natural skin contains a certain amount of oil that, in person, is not noticeable. Camera lighting and flash photography almost always picks up and reflects this natural oil, and the skin appears to be very shiny, even if it is not.

Another factor to consider is skin tone. Different lights cast different hues over the skin. Even if a camera is color-balanced, other lighting, such as sunlight, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, can alter the skin tone, making it appear dull and sullen, or overly warm and orange. Always try to work under similar lighting, or test the foundation color under lighting and make adjustments before a photo shoot.

Last but not least, products with SPF often contain titanium dioxide, which naturally reflects light. When a foundation contains SPF and flash photography is being used, the skin tends to cast a white or ghostly hue. Using an SPF-free foundation will ensure that skin tone stays true through any lighting.

Step 1: Before starting any application, make sure the skin is cleansed, all brushes are cleaned and sanitized, and proper tools, such as spatulas and disposable applicators, are used on all makeup to avoid the spread of any bacteria or infections. Proper skin preparation is key to smooth, even skin.

Step 2: Apply a skin-transforming serum with a foundation brush all over the skin. Ideally, this serum will contain technology to correct skin imperfections, and diminish the appearance of fine lines and skin flaws while enhancing the skin’s natural radiance. Allow the serum to settle for a few minutes. During this time, prep lips with a lip primer, applied with a lip brush to help lip color perform better and smooth creases and fine lines.