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A Bright Outlook: Spring 2012 Color Preview

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: February 28, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
With dark hair and dark eyes, a combination of Cockatoo and Margarita can be stunning this spring.

With dark hair and dark eyes, a combination of Cockatoo and Margarita can be stunning this spring.

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Although cream lipsticks are carrying over from last season, semigloss is holding its own this spring. “Lips are not high gloss this season,” says Paquin. “It’s a little more sheen than what was being seen in the fall. A sheer gloss really complements some of the looks this spring.” According to McCarthy, “Sheer colors for lips, such as berries and pinks, are in this spring.”

Along with semiglosses, lip stains are also a favorite. “People are looking for lip stains that are long-wearing with softer colors in nudes and pale pinks,” says Campbell. Bennett also recommends lip crayons. “They have a soft, satiny finish. You’re using this chunky crayon as opposed to a lipstick; you get the precision of a liner and the look of a lipstick. It’s all about crispness, polished looks and fun colors,” he says.

Making it work

As most spa professionals and makeup artists are aware, just because the color and application is trendy doesn’t mean that it is the right choice for all your clients. It is your job to customize the look to the client, to help best meet her needs. This is what makes a client’s relationship with a professional a step above the Internet or the department store. Because you care about her, you will help her make the right decisions ... and she will thank you.

“At the end of the day, it’s good to find colors that really work on the clients; colors they can turn to regularly and some colors they can pick to perk up and modernize their cosmetic wardrobe for a bit of seasonal fun,” explains Katz. “Trendy isn’t always right for everyone. It’s good to go with what really works.”

To this end, Paquin suggests that education is key. “The best thing skin care professionals can do is educate clients about what the new colors are and how they can be worn—how they can take those neons and nudes, and make them wearable. Host demonstrations, workshops and special events to get clients and their friends coming in to preview the new spring colors. Make sure it is fun and upbeat, and that they can learn,” she says. “A lot of women will look at these colors and be afraid. A 50-year-old with nudes doesn’t always work. Consider photographing some of the trends on models and hanging the photos in your spa. Take clients, whether they are 18 or 55, and teach them how to make the colors wearable. That’s really what clients are coming to see you for ... the knowledge and keeping it simple.”