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A Bright Outlook: Spring 2012 Color Preview

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: February 28, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
With dark hair and dark eyes, a combination of Cockatoo and Margarita can be stunning this spring.

With dark hair and dark eyes, a combination of Cockatoo and Margarita can be stunning this spring.

Spring always brings with it a feeling of newness; of hope and light and new possibilities. After shaking off the stupor of a long winter’s rest, people tend to look with a renewed vigor at their world, and many seek to express this feeling through makeup. This spring, clients won’t be hard-pressed to find the exact color to fit their moods, whether it be romantic nudes and pastels or bright, vibrant shades that say “Look out world; I’m out of hibernation!”

Makeup is an easy and relatively inexpensive way for clients to liven up their wardrobes and put a new face to their world. Although many of the hot colors for spring may seem out of reach for the everyday woman, it is your job to work as an advisor to help your clients figure out how to make the colors work for them—that’s one thing they won’t find at the department store makeup counter. “Remember that runway looks are meant to be theatrical trendsetters, and that women who want to look current may not necessarily want to, or be able to, rock what a runway model can carry off. Employ realistic options while creating a feel for what these looks are now,” advises Emily Katz, celebrity makeup artist.

The color palette for Spring 2012, from color authority Pantone, includes a plethora of fun, bright colors, as well as those that are more subdued for a more neutral look. “The colors that will be hot are tangerine and neons and other bright colors, and some of the nudes and softer colors,” says Teresa Paquin, makeup artist and owner of Anika Skincare & Makeup Studio in Hudson, New Hampshire. “It will be fun for clients. Spring is a time of renewal, and these colors can be made wearable for every client of every age.” Corrective makeup artist Donna Mee of Donna Mee, Inc. has identified which of these colors works best with specific skin and eye colors. See Client Color Recommendations to guide your clients to the correct color choices for their specific needs.


“Something those in the skin care world have been waiting for is happening this spring ... skin really is in! Because of this, sheer coverage is key this season,” says Katz. Taking a departure from the heavier coverage of Fall/Winter 2011, flawless, lightweight coverage is all the rage for spring. “I’m excited about getting back to the complexion,” states celebrity makeup artist, KJ Bennett. “It’s all about gorgeous skin again. We’re paying homage to skin. Many makeup companies are making foundations that look like skin and not like makeup. It’s all about coverage and perfect skin with highlights and gorgeous finishes ... the kind of skin that makes people say, ‘How the heck does her skin look that perfect?’ ”

Kate McCarthy, national artist and educator for glo¯minerals agrees, “Spring will return to having a fresh, no-makeup complexion. This will be achieved with a more full-coverage foundation that has a dewier, satin finish.”