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Exclusive Commentary: Is SPF Protection in Makeup Worth Price?

Posted: April 6, 2011

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It is important to note that although SPF makeup can greatly aid in preventing skin damage, it does need some assistance. Ask clients to think of SPF makeup as a partner with sunscreen or sunscreen-containing moisturizer. It would take an unflattering amount of SPF foundation to offer full protection of your face from UV rays; therefore, applying a base coat of sunscreen or SPF moisturizer is still essential before applying any type of makeup.

If your client already feels as if she’s spent too much time in the sun, she can reverse the effects of sun damage with regular facials, which can repair damaged skin while also increasing the skin’s renewal process. Regular facials have been proven to improve skin tone, texture and clarity. All in all, the best way to both protect skin and keep it beautiful at the same time is to wear makeup that also contains some type of SPF. Makeup that contains SPF is a beneficial addition to your clients' daily regimens.

For more information about multitasking makeup, see the feature "The New Alchemy of Multitasking Makeup" by Emily Katz from the April 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Lisa Wilson-Foley is founder and president, and Tina O'Dannel is a nurse and esthetician of Apple Rehab Sport & Spa in Avon, CT.