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The New Alchemy of Multitasking Makeup

By: Emily Katz
Posted: March 28, 2011, from the April 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Printed material announcing new products and their benefits with the line “Please ask me how to experience this” can be helpful, as well. Encourage clients to tell their friends and family, and to try makeup samples; decant from your tester unit into smaller containers so they can take it home and play. People respond better to an environment for learning and acquiring new skills if there is an element of play rather than feeling like they are being told what to do. When your clients recognize the values you are introducing to them—financially, and for the skin and well-being—it will encourage sales.

It makes sense

It makes sense to use color products infused with active ingredients because they help clients achieve results via product delivery. “Innovation” and “convenience” seem to be the current buzz words for color and treatment. Multiple benefits in one product are just plain smart, and great for your business. Demand has always determined the bottom line, so look to increase the demand in your spa through targeted marketing to both your current clients and consumers in your community that are a great match for your spa. It is fitting that consumers who are concerned enough about their skin to seek a spa professional’s care will be open to discovering and utilizing products that are super beneficial and eliminate a boatload of time. Your clients can be assured you are helping them invest wisely with the new alchemy of multitasking products.

Emily Katz has been working in the film and television industry for more than 20 years and received a Beauty Genius award in 2009 from Elle magazine. She holds both esthetician and esthetician instructor licenses, and has taught and developed esthetician courses and curriculum. Katz was the makeup department supervisor for the television series Lost, and her current project is The Nine Lives Of Chloe King on ABC Family.