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Testing Well-Being Effect of Cosmetics

The R&D department of the Dermscan Group has developed a series of new tests that evaluate the well-being effect of beauty products on a consumer. These tests were developed as a reaction to the growing relaxation in personal care market. The new tests evaluate the products' effect on well-being using quality of life scales.

According to the company, quality of life scales exist on the themes of psychological well-being, quality of life,mental health and life satisfaction. Two of these scales, BMIS and WBMMS, were chosen by the Dermscan Group.

Brief Mood Introspection Scale (BMIS) is a scale that primarily measures changes in mood. Articulated around eight dimensions – happiness, affection, calm, energy, fear, anger, fatigue and sadness – this questionnaire is adapted to the study of the immediate effects of products, esthetic care or electrical devices and indicates the immediate “well-being” felt by the subject.

Well-Being Manifestation Measure Scale (WBMMS) evaluates the perception of “wellbeing.” This questionnaire is organized around six dimensions: self-esteem, balance, social engagement, happiness, sociability, self-control and control of events. It is adapted to long-term studies, such as the studies of antiaging products, slenderizers, treatments with nutritional supplements or even repeated esthetic interventions.

This new approach to cosmetic testing is said to complement to the clinical studies that are already conducted. For more information, visit

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