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Fall 2010 Cosmetic Color Trends

Cathy Christensen September 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
Red lips and played-down eyes ruled the fashion runways for Fall 2010.

Red lips and played-down eyes ruled the fashion runways for Fall 2010.

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Every year, the vivid and intense glories of summer—sand-encrusted flip flops, capris, cold drinks on hot days—give way to the more subtle, comforting joys of fall. Calmer, more subdued enjoyments—cozy sweaters, campfires, the crunch of leaves under leather shoes, the crispness of cooler air coming in through open windows—act as a kind transition between the intense seasons of summer and winter. Fall cosmetic colors serve the same purpose, helping clients shift from summer sensations to deeper, richer colors and a new season.

This fall, more than anything, color trends are wearable, multifunctional and provide clients a way of adding a fun, escapist touch to their everyday lives. “In fall, it is not unusual to see earth tones, but during the last few years, we’ve seen a departure from typical seasonal colors. They are going back and forth, so it’s not all about gold or russet,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, executive director, Pantone Color Institute and founder of “One of the most prominent pieces of advice is to take the more typical fall colors and accent them with hues that you think of as spring colors. Look at the accessories you have in your spring wardrobe and figure out how you might accent your outfit with them. You can do the same for cosmetics.”

Emily Katz, a celebrity makeup artist who previously worked on the television hit Lost, agrees that accents are the name of the game this fall. “It’s about using peppy colors as accents. There are great ways to incorporate color so things don’t look as dull,” she explains. “Instead of somber colors, this fall’s colors are wearable in cosmetics and clothing; they add life and have a much more positive spin. The economy is getting better and there is more hope and more light in outward expression.”

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Fall Color Trend Look 1

Well-defined brows and smoky eyes with a touch of copper provide a unique twist for autumn.

Fall Color Trend Look 2

<p>Clean, barely-there complexion makeup and colorful smoky eyes are on trend this season.

Retail Tips: Fall 2010 Cosmetic Color Trends

Read what some of the experts suggest in regard to translating fall color trends into profit for your spa.

Janell Geason, global educator, Aveda makeup—“The clients have spent money on their spa services, so the easiest thing is to look at the complexion afterward as an extension of skin services. Consider offering complexion makeup with suggestions for what looks great and trendy. Request to see their summer eye and lip colors, and translate them to fall colors. Talking about cosmetic trends makes women feel fresh and in the game, so you should use the trends and make them work for clients.”

Jane Iredale, founder, Iredale Mineral Cosmetics—“I’m a great believer in having some makeup products in the treatment rooms. Put some blush or lip gloss in the room so the client comes out feeling good. Also, you have to have hot retail products within five feet of the checkout—that’s the selling zone. The other key tip: Have your staff wear the cosmetics you retail. Nothing sells a product better than someone saying, ‘I really love that lip color. What it is it?’ ”

Philip Luque, director of education and artistry for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics—“Women come into the salon to get their hair colored darker in the fall, so if your spa also has a salon arm, work with these women to change their lipstick or eye shadows for fall colors, as well. They can incorporate smaller pieces, such as lipstick or blush, that are more fall-oriented. If spa professionals notice during services after summer that clients’ skin tones have lightened as their tans decreased, they also can suggest a lighter foundation.”

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