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Fall 2010 Cosmetic Color Trends

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: August 23, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Red lips and played-down eyes ruled the fashion runways for Fall 2010.

Red lips and played-down eyes ruled the fashion runways for Fall 2010.

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Although the smoky eye is still in, a twist is taking place making the trend exciting and different for fall. “An interesting trend in eye shadow is doing the smoky eye design with a copper or bronze-colored eye shadow,” says Katz, who warns that any eye shadow with a copper or reddish tone can translate poorly on some complexions. “If you use a deeper turquoise eye shadow lining or underneath, it can help abate some of that redness.” Katz also sees the majority of the up-and-coming colors for fall as perfectly wearable around the eyes. “A slightly lavender purple is perfect for eye shadow, as well as a purpley brown, which can be used on the upper lid with a little oyster gray underneath. A rose dust can be used, and a nice dark olive green color is so pretty as an eye shadow. You can highlight that with gray or for evening, a dark shimmery olive eye shadow with a kick of gold or purple. It doesn’t have to be big and huge all over the eye, though.” Little colored metallic accents in the corner of the smoky eye look are also the trend, adds Geason.

As far as eye liners are concerned, precision is in. “I’m seeing exaggerated cat eyes already and will only see them more so as fall and winter roll on,” observes Jane Iredale, founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. “We’re not getting into vibrant colors for liners, but some plums, blacks, browns and grays, as well as a misty kohl for the holidays.”

Geason is also seeing the cat-eye trend, “I’m seeing a winged-out eye with a black liquid liner, but not applied perfectly—it should be a little disheveled and rock and roll. Remember, clients have to have an elongated eye for this look to work, so you may have to enhance what a client has in order for the look to work. You want to make sure the client looks good in the trend,” she advises.

When it comes to mascara, it’s unanimous—full, healthy lashes in traditional colors are the trend this season. And as for eyebrows, “Stronger brows are in for fall; thicker than in the past, but still soft and not overly done,” says Philip Luque, director of education and artistry for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. “It’s a clean, soft look. The fuller the brow, the younger the look.”

Iredale agrees, stating “The eyebrow is going to be powerful and really groomed this fall. Apart from lashes, it’s going to be the No. 1 accessory. People are getting more adventurous, combing gold metallics into dark brows—there is more playfulness with the brows.”

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