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The Hand Connection

By: Annet King
Posted: May 28, 2013, from the June 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Consider creating a hand bar at which clients, including teens, can experience the therapy of hand care services. Seasonal angles add to the appeal, such as exfoliation in spring; solar protection in summer (even though hands need year-round protection); skin renewing and brightening in the fall to address hyperpigmentation from UV exposure; and nourishing and warming, complete with a paraffin dip or warm mask, in the winter. The hand bar is an especially appealing offering for events at your space, such as fundraisers, girls’ nights out, bridesmaids parties, bachelorette—and bachelor—parties.

Design a therapeutic hand treatment

When conceptualizing your new hand treatment, focus on nourishing the skin of the hands, the pleasures of holding hands and how our hands “speak” for you. Rough, ungroomed, weathered hands may suit a cowgirl or a lumberjill, but most want to minimize the dark spots, creases and overall tissue fatigue that mature hands experience.

In your menu offering, also allude to hard-working hands, starting with digital overuse in the high-tech world. Describe the therapeutic effects of hand massage as a method of relieving tension and pain in the hands, wrists and arms. Anyone who has ever washed a dish without gloves, changed a diaper (or a tire), driven on a freeway in blazing sun, shoveled snow or cleared a frosty windshield bare-handed can relate! See Treatment How-to: Customized Hand Treatment.

Most of all, remember that skin care professionals are privileged to touch their clients every day with their own bare hands. The art, science and craft of the skin care profession grants a unique human connection, and your hands must by appreciated and valued not only as tools, but also as powerful and healing communicators.