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Oncology Esthetics: Breast Cancer Awareness

By: Morag Currin
Posted: October 2, 2013, from the October 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Many physicians are not familiar with all the holistic or complementary therapies available to the spa client. This may mean that your client’s physician may disapprove of her interest in a spa treatment. This requires educating your client and, in turn, having them educate their physician about the services you will provide.

As skin care professionals, you can educate clients about the importance of regular, monthly breast self-exams and you need to be aware of—and to help your clients become aware of—changes occurring in, on and around the breasts and underarm areas.


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Morag Currin

Oncology Esthetics: A Practitioner's Guide REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION
Author: Morag Currin

Color Images! New chapters on breast cancer, ethnic skin, an updated/expanded drug guide of common and new drugs and much more. This book was written just for you in an organized, no-nonsense way to help you understand the different cancers, the therapies and sensitivities.

Oncology Esthetics Revised and Expanded Edition has been written with heartfelt sensitivity in order to give you the information you need to treat clients who are cancer survivors or are undergoing treatment for cancer.