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Natural Body Rejuvenation Therapies

By: Jill Kohler
Posted: July 31, 2014, from the August 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Natural Body Rejuvenation Therapies

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During an herbal wrap, clients should be wrapped in a bandage or linen soaked in a natural herbal solution. These herbal and botanical solutions are used throughout the skin care world in products for many benefits, and many of these same solutions are used for herbal wraps. Some of the most widely used solutions are composed of soothing lavender and cucumber, revitalizing eucalyptus and rosemary, firming cypress and dandelion, and antioxidant-providing ginseng root and lemongrass. The herbs in the solution begin to break down into amino acids, which the body needs as nutrients to maintain cellular health. The herbs penetrate through the skin’s pores, and help to cleanse the underlying tissues, while the amino acids help to repair damaged tissues on a cellular level, which, in turn, leads to healthier skin and increased elasticity.

Major improvements

Ultimately, the professional skin care industry is ever-evolving and finding new ingredients that aid in rejuvenating the skin of the body. Remember: Some treatments and products are full of promises that are underdelivered at a very high cost. It’s important to take into consideration that natural body treatments have been used and shown to work for thousands of years, are still being utilized today and can show major improvements, not only to the skin of the body, but also for the overall physical and psychological well-being of clients.

Jill Kohler is president of Penrose Academy, an educational institute specializing in six-week cosmetic laser and medical esthetics training courses for beauty professionals.