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Treatment How-to: Kiwi Body Polish

Posted: May 28, 2010

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Step 2: Greet the client and describe the treatment in detail. Discuss the client’s health history and remind her of the contraindications for this treatment, including alcohol consumption, skin rashes, fever, fractures, epilepsy, skin infections, sunburn, heart conditions, high blood pressure, allergies, hypersensitivity, and the client shouldn’t have the service if she is in her first trimester of pregnancy.

Step 3: Guide client to treatment room and ask her to remove her robe and lie in the prone position on the treatment table; leave the room momentarily to allow for the client’s privacy.

Step 4: Start the service by dry brushing the client to begin the exfoliation process and stimulate the lymph system. Dry brush starting with the back of the legs at the feet and move toward the heart.

Step 5: Apply the revitalizing kiwi body polish in the same direction as the dry brushing. Use a light but vigorous touch with motions always toward the heart. Attention should be paid to exfoliating the client; the experience should feel like massaging away dead skin.

Step 6: Ask the client to turn over and repeat Step 5, again beginning with the legs at the feet and moving toward the heart.