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Treatment How-to: Blackberry Mist Body Treatment

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: April 30, 2010

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Step 10: Turn off the Scots hose and conduct an aqua massage with the Vichy jets for 15 minutes, then turn off jets one at a time.

Step 11: Place a dry towel on top of the client, towel dry her hair and help her sit up on the table before moving to a chair for one minute. During this time, dry the table and reset the linens while the client enjoys a glass of water.

Step 12: Ask client to lie back down, on her back, on the table.

Step 13: Mix the blackberry fragrance with massage oil, and apply this to the body using effleurage strokes, including sweeping strokes under the leg to apply the oil to the glutes and hamstrings. Help the client to sit up, and apply the oil to her back.

Step 14: Place a robe across client’s shoulders, slippers on the floor by the table, and a glass of water near the client, and allow her to leave the room when ready.