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Number of Massage Therapists in the U.S. on the Rise, Says ABMP

Posted: April 23, 2010

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The per capita, or number of U.S. citizens per massage therapist, has continued to decrease as a result of the growth in massage therapists. This means there are more massage therapists to serve the population.

“The growth has been remarkable,” Sweeney says. “In 1998, there was an estimated one massage therapist for every 1,941 people in the United States. The current estimate is one massage therapist for every 1,036 people.”

Although the growth of the field has been impressive throughout the decade, Sweeney cautions against the conclusion that growth is a detriment for active practitioners. “More qualified practitioners who can provide services to the public are a good thing,” he says. “After all, when you contrast the 293,000-plus massage therapists with the more than 3 million registered and licensed practical nurses, an estimated 600,000 physicians and surgeons, and the more than 600,000 cosmetologists in the United States, you can see there’s still plenty of room for those considering massage therapy careers.”

Massage Therapist Concentration in the United States (.97 MB, PDF)

Massage Therapist Population in the United States (.97 MB, PDF)