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All About Aging Skin

By: Diana L. Howard, PhD, Annet King and Jane Wurwand
Posted: January 29, 2010, from the February 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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The good news for clients who are not booking treatments is that, thanks to today’s advances in technology, they have access to a vast array of tools that generate visible results on the skin. Consider incorporating some of the following M’s into your age-fighting skin treatments.

  • Maximum-strength exfoliation with a blend of hydroxy acids, preferably in a lipid base that can be massaged onto the skin so that you can pay special attention to key problem areas and prep the skin for the penetration of other actives.


  • Microcurrent technology that helps energize and boost cell renewal, and re-educates important muscles, such as the corrugator and orbicularis oculi, coupled with the specific penetration of active ingredients.


  • Massage, including specialized energizing and tension-relieving techniques that boost circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and releasing tension in the muscles and connective tissues.


  • Masks, such as speciality-setting masks that have a vacuum effect on the skin to firm and aid in the penetration of serums and actives.


  • Mini treatments, or time-condensed, budget-friendly services that replace big ticket items with targeted, 20-minute treatments that cost approximately $20 and get right down to business. A specialized service of this kind may help tackle an age-related issue, such as renewing the eye area or providing a quick exfoliation. This bite-sized business booster may not only be what your business needs to see you through the current economic downturn, but also may be just what your clients are seeking, both in terms of age-related care and budget-saving options.