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All About Aging Skin

By: Diana L. Howard, PhD, Annet King and Jane Wurwand
Posted: January 29, 2010, from the February 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
woman looking at her skin in mirror

This article examines the topic of the future of aging from three points of view: branding and world marketing, ingredient formulation, and treatment and education. The opening of the third eye is also meaningful as a metaphor, meaning that one becomes awakened, which is the purpose of the ideas and insights shared in this article.

Branding and world marketing

Aging is one of the hottest topics on the skin care menu, and it’s not going away. According to IBIS WorldMarket Research, the anti-aging industry will generate $291.9 billion in sales worldwide by the year 2015, and $5 billion of that will be earned in the United States. The same researchers report that cosmeceutical products are on course for a 7.7% growth within the next year, while color cosmetics are expected to decline by 1.2% during the same period.

Even if your client is a no-nonsense, no-makeup, no-injectable filler lady who seems like she doesn’t care about the chronological record being kept on her skin—don’t believe it. She cares. And a huge part of your potential business now rests on presenting a targeted, age-smart skin care program as a viable aspect of personal actualization.

How do you do this? Start with adopting the philosophy that skin care is health care, not a binge of vanity. One increasingly common example is the incidence of adult acne, which may be triggered by perimenopause. Adult acne is on the rise and can morph from a cosmetic concern to a persistent health issue that actually requires the attention of a physician. The same is true of rosacea, which also becomes more common with age, according to the National Rosacea Society. Although less severe skin issues produce less severe results, it’s a fact that skin fitness improves quality of life, similar to every other form of fitness and health. Skin is one factor in the synergistic equation that allows people to be their maximum selves, long after the peachy-cheeked glow of youth is gone.

So, when marketing your message, throw out the old playbook. Forget terms such as luxury, pampering, treats, indulgence or well-deserved when reaching out to clients. There’s nothing frivolous about protecting your health, starting with the first line of defense—the skin.

Ingredient formulation