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Treatment How-to: Pure Vanilla Pedicure

The Spa at Tubac Golf Resort is a hacienda-style spa surrounded by dramatic desert landscapes, winding brick pathways, grazing cattle, cascading fountains, and the majestic Santa Rita and Tumacacori Mountain ranges.

This Pure Vanilla Pedicure includes a gentle vanilla scrub to remove the dry skin, followed by the warm application of a smooth vanilla mask to rehydrate.The treatment is then completed with a topping of vanilla body frosting. The vanilla bean used in these services contains antioxidants that encourage good health.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes

Treatment cost: $70

Products needed:

Vanilla exfoliant

Vanilla mask

Vanilla body frosting

Vanilla bath ball

Foot-sanitizing soak

Callus remover

Supplies and equipment needed:

Pedicure chair


4–6 bath mats


Toe spacers

Disposable sandals

Step 1: Fill pedicure tub with warm water, marbles and foot-sanitizing soak. Welcome client, learn about any health concerns and invite her to sit down, get comfortable and play with the marbles in the water for relaxation and to provide a different focus. The only contraindication to the treatment is if the client has an allergy to vanilla.

Step 2: Place vanilla bath ball in the foot tub. Soak feet for 5–7 minutes.

Step 3: Take one foot out of the water, remove any existing polish and groom toenails. Apply cuticle softener to cuticles and callus remover to calloused areas on the bottom of the foot. Do not rinse. Repeat on opposite foot.

Step 4: On first foot, push back cuticles, buff the top of the nail and nip all dead skin. Place foot back in the water, and then repeat step 4 on opposite foot.

Step 5: Remove first foot from the water, pat dry and remove any calluses with a foot file.

Step 6: Exfoliate the foot and leg with the vanilla exfoliant, then place foot back in water and rinse leg thoroughly. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the opposite foot.

Step 7: Take both feet from the water and pat dry. Apply vanilla mask to the feet, leaving it on for 5–7 minutes.

Step 8: Place both feet in the tub and rinse thoroughly, then pull feet out of tub and pat them dry.

Step 9: Massage the vanilla body frosting on the foot and leg for approximately 10 minutes.

Step 10: Remove all products from nail plate and apply polish.



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