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AAD Addresses Cosmetic Aging and Potential Treatments

Posted: November 11, 2009

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Varicose veins are larger, dilated blood vessels that can be raised above the skin’s surface and occur from a malfunction of the valve. Those with a blood relative with varicose veins are more likely to develop them and being overweight can worsen the problem by putting more pressure on the veins. Unlike spider veins, varicose veins can cause the legs to feel sore or tired. Jaliman noted that new endovascular lasers are being used successfully to treat varicose veins. With this procedure, the small tip of the laser creates a small nick in the vein and is inserted to completely dissolve the vein.

“Endovascular lasers are highly safe and effective in treating varicose veins and only one procedure is needed to dissolve the veins,” said Jaliman. “In most cases, patients can go back to work the next day with minimal discomfort, which is quite different from invasive procedures in the past that were performed in hospitals.”

Regardless of age, Jaliman added that people who notice any unusual changes in their skin, hair or nails should see their dermatologist.

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For more information about aging skin, please visit the “AgingSkinNet” section of, a Web site developed by dermatologists that provides patients with up-to-date information on the treatment and management of disorders of the skin, hair and nails.