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Treatment How-to: Cucumber and Watermelon Body Treatment

Posted: July 29, 2009

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Step 9: Prepare the room for the application of toner and cucumber lotion. Guide the client back to the room and instruct her to lie face down.

Step 10: Apply toner, which contains pure floral waters of watermelon and cucumber, to the back. Watermelon is loaded with vitamin C, which is an important antioxidant for increasing the integrity of skin collagen.

Step 11: After applying the toner to the back, massage cucumber lotion into the muscles. Mixed with oils and cucumber, this lotion cools and softens sun-exposed skin.

Step 12: After finishing the back, apply toner and lotion to legs, and then ask client to turn face up. Continue applying toner and lotion to legs, arms, chest, stomach—if requested—neck and face. The massage should take 20 minutes.

Step 13: Inform the client when the massage is complete, and invite her to slowly glide off the table and slip on a robe when she feels ready.