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Treatment How-to: Cucumber and Watermelon Body Treatment

Posted: July 29, 2009

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Room setup:

Have a heated bed set up for a massage, placing a large blanket, foil, two sheets of plastic, one sheet and one bath towel on the bed. Have one large bath towel prepared in the warmer and another warm towel placed between the two pieces of plastic on the table.

Step 1: Greet your client, and ensure an intake form has been completed that details her medical history. Offer tea or water for a refreshing introduction to the treatment. Clients in the first trimester of pregnancy should not receive this treatment.

Step 2: Escort the client to a treatment room, and ask her to disrobe and lie face down on the treatment table.

Step 3: After allowing a sufficient amount of time, return to the room and ask if the client is comfortable, making any adjustments to the face rest and temperature of the heated bed, if necessary.