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Specialty Skin Care Innovations

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: January 16, 2009

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“We continue to see acne as a primary concern for female consumers,” Martin adds. “However, women desire products that can treat the primary issue, such as scarring while also offering additional benefits such as sun protection or general moisturizing. We are finding more clients are requesting us to formulate products that can meet two or three consumer needs.”

While acne and scar treatment remains in the forefront of specialty skin formulas, stretch marks and cellulite concerns aren’t far behind in this particular segment.

Stretch Marks and Cellulite

“During pregnancy, skin distends to accommodate the development of the baby and maternal weight gain,” says Gina Daines, marketing director, Klein-Becker USA. “The results are unsightly stretch marks.”

To address stretch marks, brands offer topical creams to restore skin elasticity and the integrity of the connective tissue, and treat the skin discoloration often associated with stretch marks. Suppliers such as DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Branch Pentapharm continue to expand ingredient and formula offerings and technologies that specifically target these concerns.

Sederma, for example, offers Dynalift, a patent-pending formula that forms a film on the surface of the skin for a tightening effect. And the company’s Regestril ingredient is designed to prevent stretch marks by slowing down cellular degradation.