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How-to: The Rainbow Reiki Treatment

By: Linda Bertaut
Posted: November 7, 2008

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Step 6: In position three, cup your hands directly over the ears for two to four minutes. When you are done, gently massage the ears starting at the lobes and moving your way to the tops. Pull and unroll the ears as you massage, and do this two times.

Step 7: Moving to hand position four, slide your hands under the head so your palms are touching and your fingers are pressing the trigger points below the occipital ridge. Gently pull the head toward you as you lean back slightly, and hold this for two to four minutes. When you are done with this position, you may work your fingers through the hair to rub the back of the head and around the ear area before moving on.

Step 8: For position five, place your hands over the throat area with your fingers slightly overlapping. Leave some space between the neck and your hands so the client can breathe easily. Hold your hands here for two to four minutes, then move them to the sides of the neck with thumbs down, and press the upper trapezius muscle from the base of the neck out to the shoulders with your thumbs. Repeat this two to three times as needed.

Step 9: In position six, slowly move your hands from the shoulder and onto the heart. Your fingers will overlap and touch the middle of the sternum. Keep your hands here for two to four minutes, then gently lift your hands off the client, keeping them together until they are over the client’s head and in front of your body.

Step 10: Remove all the stones from the client’s body, and use an energizing mist to gently wake her from the treatment.