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How-to: The Rainbow Reiki Treatment

By: Linda Bertaut
Posted: November 7, 2008

You will not cleanse the skin or need to apply any skin care products during this treatment, except for those for your facial services. It is important to let clients know this is a new, different category of service that you now offer, and they may arrive and leave with very little effort, including not having to reapply makeup or deal with mussed-up hair

Treatment time length: 30–60 minutes

Treatment cost: approximately $40–100, depending on treatment length

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Prepare your table by appropriately placing your supplies—a towel, clean gemstones, and essential oil aromatherapy mists or fragrant herbs made into a sachet—nearby. Polished stones are the easiest to sanitize using soap and hot water, or by placing them in the dishwasher if they are sturdy enough. You may also use pictures of stones.