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The Beauty of Sleep

By: Pat Lam
Posted: October 24, 2008

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There are a few devices available today to help snorers.

  1. Mask/blower—a device using a mask placed over the nose with a blower attached to it. It uses continuous pressure to keep the airway open during sleep.
  2. Surgery—remove tonsils or adenoids located at the back of the throat

Tips for improving sleep

  • Develop a regular time to sleep every night and awaken every morning
  • Avoid caffeine drinks at night
  • Do not perform any heavy exercise close to bedtime
  • Avoid spicy foods and large meals before bed
  • Drink a warm glass of milk
  • Use a dark quiet room at a comfortable temperature
  • Before bed, relax with a warm bath, soothing music, read or do some form of mediation
  • Drink fewer fluids to avoid urinating at night
  • Do not take naps for more than 30 minutes during the day and take them no later than 3 pm.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Have a massage at the end of the workday.
  • Use the bed only for sleep or sex.