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The Rainbow Reiki Treatment: Harness the Energy of Nature

By: Linda Bertaut
Posted: October 17, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Cultures have worshipped the sun since the dawn of time. Known by many civilizations to be necessary for health, happiness and longevity, the sun is recognized as one of the most holistic sources of energy, helping to feed people on many levels of body, mind and spirit.

The ancient civilizations of China, Greece and Persia all devised ways to collect the sun’s energy for its healing powers, and Greek philosopher and physician Hippocrates prescribed sunlight to his patients for a multitude of disorders. But how do you reap the benefits of the full-spectrum of color energy the sun has to provide without looking like a leather bag?

While civilizations of old were driven to create temples of light to utilize the energy of the sun, in modern times there are easier methods that won’t damage the skin. Understanding your body’s need for color is the first step.

A healthy aura

The human body’s subtle energy is made up of the same frequencies that are in a rainbow. The color in and around the body—the aura—contains the colors of the rainbow, and if a person is vibrant and healthy, their aura will be bright. If a person is unhealthy or out of balance, however, the aura appears less bright or even dark. And now that aura photography has become a more popular and acceptable practice, people are able to see the colors—or lack thereof—that constitute the health of their auras.

Living the majority of life in artificial light is taking its toll on people, depriving bodies of the stress-relieving frequencies found in nature. The light spectrum from fluorescent or incandescent bulbs is not a perfect rainbow—it is missing some color frequencies and contains abnormal energy peaks in others.