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The Evolution of Paraffin Treatments

By: Elizabeth Myron
Posted: May 30, 2008

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As paraffin can create a thermal energy environment, therapists have the ability to step up service menu offerings by providing customized paraffin treatments. Paraffin can assist in carrying product into the skin tissue, infusing active ingredients to the treatment site. It can also enhance results as a pre-treatment to glycolic peels, microdermabrasion, LED treatments or even surgical procedures. Used as a post-treatment, paraffin has the ability to advance the recovery and regeneration time of the skin.

The temperature of paraffin is key to the success of the product’s liquidation, solidification and treatment results. The traditional method of paraffin application is via a paraffin spa tank system where the paraffin is kept at a liquid temperature of 127–131°F. While this may be the optimal melt point and a successful temperature to apply paraffin to the body via a brush method, submerging a hand or a foot directly into the spa tank at these temperatures can be uncomfortable and unsanitary. To properly offer this method of paraffin treatment, be sure that your spa tank is cleaned and sanitized for each client, and always be sure the client is comfortable, checking in throughout the procedure’s progress.

New developments

New to the market are self-contained paraffin treatments that are boosting the popularity of this spa standby. These sanitary, single-use disposable packs help to eliminate the risk and liability of bacterial and fungal cross contamination, which aids in ensuring your clients feel safe and well-treated.

Creating a simple option, the disposable chamber heats up the paraffin using either a chemical reaction or a heating element. The heating system melts the paraffin directly into the sealed gloves or slippers, which can be great for client comfort. Aromatherapy can also be provided during the heating process with a choice of essential oils.

Paraffin perfection

Take a close look at your paraffin and the way you are offering this service. Make it your goal to move toward the paraffin system that works best for you, whether it is one that offers single-use packs or the traditional tank-and-brush method. Utilize a system that can deliver a premium, luxurious, sanitary treatment that also ensures your clients’ satisfaction and safety. Customize your treatments and evolve into the next generation of paraffin therapy.