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Study Shows Aging Population Will Turn to Anti-aging Products

Despite the fact that the operative phrase among Boomers and Matures seems to be “aging naturally,” their behaviors tell differently according to a study of more than 30,000 adults over the age of 42 in the continental United States from Focalyst, a market research and consulting firm focused exclusively on Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) and Mature consumers (those born before 1946).

In a new report, The Realities About Aging Naturally, Focalyst found that some 48 million consumers--33 million Baby Boomers and 15 million Matures--say they are going to give nature a helping hand by purchasing anti-aging products in the next 12 months, in total spending over $4 billion. In fact, more than 31 million Boomer and Mature consumers are both proponents of aging naturally AND plan on buying and using anti-aging products.

"We are seeing a true dichotomy between attitudes and behaviors around appearance and aging," according to Heather Stern, director of marketing at Focalyst. "This is particularly true among Boomers, who may perceive methods of fighting aging through any means that is not surgical or invasive as still being 'natural.' "

Aging Naturally Attitude* vs. Anti-Aging Behaviors: Statement Percent in Agreement and Number of Consumers
"Everyone should just age naturally" -- 42%, 50 million

"I plan to purchase anti-aging products in the next year" -- 14%, 17 million

"Everyone should just age naturally" AND "I plan to purchase anti-aging products in the next year" -- 26%, 31 million

Other Key Findings
• Boomer males are concerned about staying attractive to the opposite sex (69% agreement), and are open to purchasing and using anti-aging products and treatments.

• While appearance is important to all singles, single Matures are the most interested in remaining young looking (62%) and dressing well (79%).

• Married Boomers are just as interested in staying attractive to the opposite sex as single Boomers (68% vs. 70%).

• Despite the rise in cosmetic procedures such as plastic surgery and Botox injections, only 2% admit to plans for such procedures.

• While there are notable differences in beauty attitudes and behaviors among ethnic Boomer and Mature women, Asian-American women stand out as an important market to the anti-aging product and service industry, as they are about twice as likely to plan to buy these products.

* Boomers and Matures agreeing a little/a lot
Source: Focalyst



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