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Creams May Have Longer-Term Moisturizing Benefits Than Serums

Posted: March 21, 2008

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Furthermore, the team noted the effect of the concentration of the active marine compound on the efficacy of the formulation. The 7.5 and 10% serums and creams performed better than those devoid of the marine extract, and the 10% serum appeared to be more active than the 7.5%.

However, no firming effect remained 3 days after treatment ended with any of the formulations--the team suggested that a two-week period is perhaps too short to highlight such an effect.

Application medium influences product efficacy
The study highlights the importance of the application medium on a product's efficacy and the subtleties of these effects.

A formulator's choice of application medium may depend on the desired effect for the product. For example, a product designed to provide immediate moisturizing benefits may require a different medium to one formulated to provide long-term hydration.

Source: E. Xhauflaire-Uhoda, K. Fontaine and G.E. Piérard, "Kinetics of moisturizing and firming effects of cosmetic formulations," International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Vol 30, 131-138

Cosmetics, March 19, 2008