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Achieve a Better Body ... Noninvasively

By: Rhonda Allison
Posted: July 27, 2012, from the August 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Strengthening and building. Cosmeceuticals, such as epidermal growth factors, peptides, botanical phytochemicals, oleic and linoleic acids, retinols and vitamins, will help repair skin tissue, hydrate, tone, renew and reform skin.

Protecting. Skin protection is a must. Use a natural physical block, such as zinc oxide with an SPF of 30, to limit exposure to damaging free radicals and UV rays.

Body coloring

Why do so many consumers desire a bronzed body? Because it camouflages imperfections and accentuates muscle tone. Of course, the implications of UV rays on the skin are well-known, so it’s important to offer clients an alternative to sun bathing and tanning beds.

Body color sessions using natural bronzing creams and sprays following a body exfoliation make for great add-on treatments and enhance the results of the body work that has been performed. When the skin is glowing and has that sun-kissed appearance, it looks smoother and healthier. Although this may be an illusion, it is a look many clients are seeking.

Expand your offerings

Professional body peel treatments supported by a daily home care regimen will significantly change the health and appearance of the skin. Body treatments will also allow you to expand your service offerings and ensure that you are equipped to provide solutions to the needs of your clients.