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6 Steps to the Perfect Brow Wax

Eyebrows have been the rage for a while now. Learn the six steps to perfecting your eyebrow artistry.

Counteract, Conceal and Create with Camouflage

After a surgical procedure, traditional cosmetics might not do the job. When considering a camouflage product keep in mind how it counteracts and covers the skin.

Priming Your Facial Canvas

Just like any artist, makeup artists and estheticians must prepare the canvas that they work on. Learn how primers can help with the creation of a masterpiece.

How to Laser for All Skin Colors

Lasers are a safe option for clients of color, provided that a thorough client history is taken so that factors such as health history and genetics can be taken into account.

Massage in the Med Spa

Massage in a medical spa setting can offer benefits to patients, including increased blood flow, reduced healing time and increased collagen and elastin formation.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Shares Tips on Improving Your Makeup Services

The competition in the makeup industry is getting more fierce. Face & Body Southeast keynote speaker Joe Blasco offered tips on how to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

What Does It Take to be a Winning Makeup Artist?

Successful makeup artists should be comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones and be able to prioritize in a fast-moving field. Click through for insight from the judges of The Skin Games Makeup Challenge.

Mobile Medical Spas Zoom Into the Market

Mobile medical spas can provide an expanded client base for clients who may not otherwise have the time to step into a medical spa.

Can Alternative Cleansing Clean Skin?

Cleansing helps maintain skin barrier function and assists routines designed for acne, anti-aging and men’s skin care. This article will discuss the latest in cleansing technology, reviewing some innovative formulation concepts.

Sleeping Beauty

Nighttime is the right time for the skin to reboot, repair and refresh. As esthetic professionals, we are constantly reminding our clients about the importance of their before-bed skin care ritual to piggyback onto this physiological phenomenon.

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