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6 Reasons Clients Should Choose Cosmetic Lasers

According to the Observer-Reporter, laser cosmetic treatments are the way of the future with the advanced technology and the possibility of quick results.

Video: Moisturizing Deep Pore Cleanse

At Face & Body Northern California, Eva's Esthetics (Berodin Wax and Tu'el Skin & Body) owner Lori Nestore, showed attendees how to deeply cleanse the skin by going through the cleansing protocol on the hands.

Understanding the Complexity of Men’s Skin Care

Face & Body Southeast speaker Cole Patterson shared five tips on analyzing a man's skin correctly to offer treatments geared towards their needs.

The Power to Touch Lives

"Being licensed to touch people is a great honor," emphasized Beauty Becomes You founder Alison O'Neil in her keynote presentation at Face & Body Southeast's Advanced Education Conference.

Your Anti-Pollution Ingredient Glossary

Pollution is making a big impact in our industry, and with good reason. Anti-pollution skin care is now more necessary than ever. There are many different ingredients that help fight the toxic effects of pollution. Keep this list on-hand to educate your clients and keep their skin protected.

Does Undertone Really Matter?

Understanding your client’s undertone can make all the difference in her total image. It can transform their entire image and turbo-boost their confidence—having the right hair color, makeup color and clothing color are big essential components of how they present themselves every day.

Dermatology Advice on Essential Oils in Skin Care

Essential oils can benefit skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rashes and hives, but there are also effects to be aware of when using them.

The Unstreched Truth About Leg Veins

Ever wonder about what exactly causes leg veins to bulge, and most importantly, can they actually be prevented? Dr. Satish Vayuvegula explains.

Don't Stress: You May As Well Eat Junk!

A study was conducted by Ohio State University to measure the impact of meals with both high and low levels of stress, providing evidence that women with high levels of stress are having the same levels of inflammation after eating a high level and low level saturated fat meal.

The Rainbow of Skin Sensitivity

This article will first delve into pigment production, skin classifications and ethnicity characteristics before exploring sensitivity issues related to specific ethnicities.

Into the Light: Contouring for Day and Night

Contouring and highlighting are effective methods for enhancing facial features when done correctly. In case you haven’t been following these mega trends, contouring is the use of shadows to slim the face and minimize undesirable features, whereas highlighting is the use of light to bring forward certain features.

The Injection-Free Solution To Smoother Skin (Plus FREE GIFT)

Ultrasound has been widely used around the world for many medical applications, and it is now available for advanced skin care treatments.

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