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Move Over Pumpkin, It's Peppermint Time

Winter is upon us, as frost hits the ground and the first snowflakes fall in some parts of the country. With the change in season, pumpkin is phased out to make room for her holiday friend peppermint (and chocolate, gingerbread, etc.).

Keep Your Cool with Safe Cryotherapy Use

Skin Inc. was able to chat with Kevin Kramer, chief operating officer of US Cryotherapy, to learn about the benefits of cryotherapy in addition to some of the safety precautions.

Treatments for Skin of Color (and Treatments to Avoid)

Receiving the wrong treatment for your skin color can leave behind both emotional and physical scars. This article lists each of the above common skin concerns, noting which treatments can be used for skin of color and which ones should be avoided.

Reflections: Multigenerational Aging

Unless you follow your clients around all day with 64 ounces of water, a pillow and a salmon steak, you most likely have influence over one (maybe two) of these factors, but what a difference good skin care can make.

Do Makeup Rituals = Love? (Video)

A new study from Revlon shows the power of makeup to boost romance (but we know that already).

Lifestyle Pointers for Clients with Rosacea

Keep clients informed on skin care tips to help treat and prevent rosacea.

Regardless of Climate Change, Sunscreen is a Must

With the weather changing and becoming colder, the significance of wearing sunscreen becomes vital.

Dark Spot Formation and Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is a common challenge in the treatment room, but how exactly does a spot or demarcation form? Many factors can contribute.

Study Evaluates Tattoo Removal with Picosecond Laser

A recent study evaluated the safety and efficacy of multicolor tattoo removal with a Q-switched laser that generates picosecond-domain pulses.

Gluten-free Diet Benefits Skin Diseases

According to John Zone, M.D., from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, many areas of medical dermatology practices can be impacted by gluten sensitivity.

The Future of Exercise May Be in a Pill

Scientists identified molecular reactions to exercise in the body, which could lead to drug treatments to mimic the health benefits of exercise.

Intensive, Natural Anti-aging Therapy

With injectables and fillers slowly moving off-trend in Britain, many beauty therapists look for alternatives to deliver anti-aging results. Natural, intensive, evidence-based anti-aging facial massage might be the answer.

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