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6 Tips for New Age Periorbital Rejuvenation

This article will take a look at non-invasive techniques to improve three eye conditions that are of concern to most patients: wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Eye Lift in a Jar: Can Skin Care Ingredients Replace the Scalpel?

As an alternative to an eye lift, skin care can offer a multifaceted solution to all eye issues. The most advanced ingredients can have real benefits to smooth, soothe, firm, lift, support capillary integrity, brighten, reduce dark coloration and enhance circulation.

Playing Up the Eyes When the Sun Goes Down

Evening lighting is much more subdued than daylight, making contouring and definition required to define the facial features, especially the eyes.

Put It to Rest: The True Culprits Behind Tired Eyes

As a professional skin therapist, it is essential to recognize the array of factors potentially contributing to the tired eye effect including puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Your analysis also will be crucial in helping the client develop and manage realistic expectations.

In-Flight Spa Body Scupting is Ready for Takeoff

Madame et Monsieur has teamed up with chartered jet company to offer body sculpting treatments on charter flights from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Could Himalayan Salt Replace Basalt in the Spa?

Ska:ná The Spa is now using Himalayan salt stones instead of traditional basalt stones, which it believes will be the new way of performing stone massages in the spa industry.

Are DIY Skin Care Treatments a Do or a Don't?

Expert dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos recommends checking the ingredients before you DIY because you might get burned with break outs.

‘Future Spa’ Serves Up IV Detox Drip

The Standard, East Village hotel in New York is serving up skin detox treatments in drip form and more this April at its spa pop-up.

What Makes Oils Essential

The demand for essential oils has reached new dimensions, which brings sustainability to the forefront of this once cottage industry.

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