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Rhonda Allison Unveils Professional Acne Treatments

Rhonda Allison has released their two signature facial treatments for 2018. These treatments are designed around the desire to repair, heal and restore the health to acne skin.

Banish the Bump: Ridding the Skin of Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a very common skin condition that estheticians could see almost daily. From treatments to causes, this article provides plenty of information on how to handle client's with KP.

Pasks: A Hybrid Peel/Mask Combo

This new hybrid on peels and masks are the new way to provide your clients with peels. Learn the peel basics and the hybrid how-to with this article.

Putting Concealers to Work

Know how to help your client's put their best face forward by picking the right concealer for their skin and cover-up needs.

Then and Now: Oily Skin Revisited

We have more knowledge about acne-prone skin and more effective treatments now. In this article, let’s look at changes since 1989.

You Are What You Eat: Hydrating Foods for Dry Skin

As the body's largest organ, the skin can benefit from the foods we eat, including combating against dryness.

FDA Clears Eskata for Treatment of SKs

Aclaris Therapeutics’ Eskata has received FDA approval for the treatment of raised seborrheic keratoses using a targeted pen-like applicator.

IMPACT Melanoma's Tips for Partner Skin Checks

February is for lovers. Scan the skin of all those lovers this month and beyond. It’s a small step in assuring lasting health and many more made memories ahead.

The Nutrition Behind Candida and Cutaneous Candidiasis

Learn the causes and treatments of candida and cutaneous candidiasis from clinical nutritionist Ginger Downey.

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