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7 Antibiotic Alternatives for Adult Acne

Acne is a large skin care concern in the United States, particularly in adults. While estheticians are able to treat and prevent a large spectrum of acne, many adults.with severe acne often have to see a dermatologist for prescription antibiotics

Combat Cold Conditions for Skin’s Comfort

Keep clients informed on how to help their skin from becoming irritated in colder weather, especially those who work outdoors.

Snake Spa or Beer Bath?

Check out nine of the world's most unusual detox spa options that are grabbing global attention.

Move Over Pumpkin, It's Peppermint Time

Winter is upon us, as frost hits the ground and the first snowflakes fall in some parts of the country. With the change in season, pumpkin is phased out to make room for her holiday friend peppermint (and chocolate, gingerbread, etc.).

Do Your Clients Have Food Face?

How diet affects the skin—particularly whether it causes acne—has long been a conversation topic that professionals swing back and forth about.

Keep Your Cool with Safe Cryotherapy Use

Skin Inc. was able to chat with Kevin Kramer, chief operating officer of US Cryotherapy, to learn about the benefits of cryotherapy in addition to some of the safety precautions.

Preventing and Treating Stretch Marks

To understand the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, we must first define the term to be sure we are using it properly. Then, we must look at how and why stretch marks arise and consider the mechanism causing them. Only then can we understand precautions to prevent or minimize the injury, which results in their formation.

Treatments for Skin of Color (and Treatments to Avoid)

Receiving the wrong treatment for your skin color can leave behind both emotional and physical scars. This article lists each of the above common skin concerns, noting which treatments can be used for skin of color and which ones should be avoided.

Reflections: Multigenerational Aging

Unless you follow your clients around all day with 64 ounces of water, a pillow and a salmon steak, you most likely have influence over one (maybe two) of these factors, but what a difference good skin care can make.

Do Makeup Rituals = Love? (Video)

A new study from Revlon shows the power of makeup to boost romance (but we know that already).

Lifestyle Pointers for Clients with Rosacea

Keep clients informed on skin care tips to help treat and prevent rosacea.

Regardless of Climate Change, Sunscreen is a Must

With the weather changing and becoming colder, the significance of wearing sunscreen becomes vital.

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