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The Changing Nature of Consumers & The Beauty Industry

Kantar Worldpanel recently developed a report on how the changing nature of consumers and the beauty industry is affecting color cosmetic consumption.

Natural Body Rejuvenation Therapies

Natural body treatments can show major improvements for the skin and the overall physical and psychological well-being of clients.

What Does “Antiglycation” Mean?

Working with clients concerned about glycation begins with proper diagnosis, understanding the root cause, and knowing which treatments and ingredients to turn to.

Study: Majority of Millennial Males Manscape

A sleek, toned and hair-free body isn't only popular among women—men are increasingly catching onto this trend.

Melanoma Research Funding Increased

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved their fiscal year 2015 Defense Appropriations bill which includes $50 million for the Department of Defense's (DoD) Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program.

Hawaii Becomes Tenth State to Ban Indoor Tanning for Minors Under 18

Hawaii joins Vermont, California, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oregon, Nevada, Texas and Washington by passing legislation that prohibits minors under the age of 18 from indoor tanning.

AAD Statement on Sun Vitamin D Levels and Mortality

Recently, a study in the Journal of Internal Medicine suggested that women who avoid sun exposure are twice as likely to die as compared to those who receive sun exposure.

Tips to Make Melasma Less Noticeable

More likely to affect women and people with darker skin tones, melasma affects more than six million women in the United States.

Clients With Tired, Puffy Eyes? Top Tips to More Youthful Eye Contours!

Preventing or reducing inflammation is all about listening to the body, and the angry “heat” of internal inflammation is first conveyed through the eyes.

Former Pro Football Player Teams Up With AAD to Tackle Skin Cancer in Men

Over the past 30 years, melanoma incidence rates have continued to rise, and men over 50 are at greater risk of developing the disease than the general public.

Spas Targeting Sleep-deprived Clients

Studies show that lack of sleep may lead to problems completing a task, concentrating and making decisions, and might impact aging and diabetes. Luckily, spas are looking at creative ways they can educate clients on the importance of quality sleep time.

A Flawless Strategy: Airbrush Makeup in the Spa

Skin care facilities can use airbrush makeup to set themselves apart from cosmetic counters to meet the personalized needs of their clients.

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