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Uncovering the Layers of Skin Peels

New trends and acids have been combined with traditional peel methods and formulas to pave the way for estheticians to customize results for clients.

Laser Application of Gold Nanoshells for Acne

Nano shells enable selective photothermolysis to help prevent acne.

Melanoma Dramatically Increasing in Young Adults

Since 1973, melanoma has increased by more than 250% among children, adolescents and young adults.

How Does Botox Actually Change the Skin?

Two researchers sought to get a better handle on the effect of Botox on the skin for mild facial wrinkles.

8 Steps to Follow on "Don't Fry Day"—and Everyday

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention shares eight steps to follow in order to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Vitamin A is for Acne

Vitamin A can be used in its various forms—in the treatment room and at home—to support acne treatment and bring skin back to optimal health.

What's Driving Clients to Wax?

A recent study polled 1,429 adults about their attitudes and habits regarding waxing, including those who already wax, as well as those considering waxing.

All About Meridian Massage for Facial Rejuvenation (VIDEO)

Like fashion and food, facial treatments are subject to the latest trends, all in the quest for ageless beauty and a healthy appearance. So what's next?

Understanding Rosacea

Despite the huge number of people who have rosacea, most have little knowledge of it. the good news i that the condition can be managed and minimized with thoughtful expert skin care.

Skin Care Device Sales Gaining Momentum

High interest and innovation intersect, causing the skin care device market to continue to grow.

Transformative Esthetics: The Journey to Wholeness

A link between inner and outer beauty, properly trained estheticians are licensed to touch, and can provide treatments and programs that help clients heal mentally.

Survey Finds Top Desired Treatments for Millennial Males

Recent survey results confirm the continued growth of the role men play in the spa and beauty industry.

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