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3 Tips for Upselling Waxing Services

Waxing is the most profitable service you can offer as a skin care professional. It is a high-profit treatment with low overhead that can comprise at least half of your total service revenue.

The Future of Anti-Aging Technology

Anti-aging technology is a relatively recent term, yet it means different things to different professionals.

25 Facts About Adult Acne

Here’s what skin care professionals need to know about adult acne, and how estheticians help clear and prevent these bothersome blemishes.

Identical Twins Key to Unlocking Rosacea?

Daniel Popkin, MD, and colleagues were awarded $25,000 by the NRS to study the facial microbiomes of identical twins in whom only one has rosacea.

Study Finds Non-invasive Lifts of Eyebrow, Neck and Chin Are Effective

The micro-focused ultrasound therapy, known as ultherapy, effectively lifts and tightens skin on the eyebrow and neck and under the chin without adverse effects for patients of all ages, according to a new study.

Nutricosmetics for Beauty

Nutricosmetics—the use of nutrition or nutritional supplements for skin health and beauty—is popular abroad and may be the next frontier for improving skin health and beauty in the United States.

Popular Anti-aging Treatment Emerges as Effective Treatment for Difficult Scars

Dermatologists are harnessing a laser technology originally developed as an anti-aging treatment to improve the appearance of scar–especially hard-to-treat or older ones.

5 Trendy Beauty Treatments Evaluated by AAD Expert

While some initial research studies have shown trendy treatments to be effective, dermatologists remain cautious about recommending them over proven therapies.

Children of Melanoma Survivors Lacking Adequate Level of Sun Protection

In a groundbreaking new study, University of California, Los Angeles researchers have discovered that children of melanoma survivors are not adhering optimally to sun protection recommendations.

Cockpit Radiation Similar to That of Tanning Beds

Airline pilots can be exposed to the same amount of UVA radiation as that from a tanning bed session because airplane windshields do not completely block UVA radiation, according to a research letter published online by JAMA Dermatology.

How to Choose Ancillary Services for Your Wellness Center

What types of wellness services do you want to offer? The list of ancillary options is endless—but it is important to choose what you are passionate about an those services you believe in.

Older Consumers Not Buying Into Anti-aging Skin Care

Consumer adoption of anti-aging skin care routines is low despite high interest in the products, indicating that marketers are failing to connect with a majority of consumers who are most interested in their products—a group comfortable with their age.

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