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4 Ways to Extend Treatment Benefits

ESPA at Vdara has released several tips to help clients extend their treatments and achieve better results.

Video: Eczema and Psoriasis in the Treatment Room

At Face & Body Southeast 2016, Goldie Bonnel discussed what estheticians can and can't do while treating eczema and psoriasis.

Got Green? St. Patrick’s Day Spa Treatments Bring the Luck of the Irish

Whether it's a gold facial or green seaweed wrap, St. Patrick's Day is an opportunity to draw in clients seeking to absorb the green goodness of the season.

Frenemies: The Sun and the Environment

Early in life, our skin is firm and radiant. Exposure to the environment and sun cause free radicals to form in the skin. These two frenemies are everywhere, even on cold cloudy days, wreaking havoc on our skin and bringing out a whole slew of issues along with internal inflammation in the body.

Beyond Stone Massage: 5 Ways to Incorporate Himalayan Salt

Salt stone massage offers a more positive environmental impact and more therapeutic benefits than traditional hot stone massage. Here are some ways you can begin incorporating Himalayan salt into other treatments at your spa.

Don’t Get Burned: Link between Melanin-Rich Skin & Sunburn

A recent study shows a correlation between melanin-rich skin and sunburn, raising concern of skin cancer prevention perceptions.

Cut Off Filler Complications

While bruising after filler injections may be expected, vascular compromise occurs far less often. Joel L. Cohen, M.D., shared techniques for tackling both.

[VIDEO]: How to Cleanse the Eyes Using Pevonia's Eye Makeup Remover

Learn how to properly cleanse the eyes using Pevonia's Eye Makeup Remover in this video tutorial.

Breathe In Cedar Wood, Breathe Out Stress

Aside from physical activity such as yoga and other meditation methods to reduce stress, a study researched Japanese cedar wood oil to find positive benefits associated with mental health in people at the workplace.

[Infographic] Women Don't Use Sunscreen Daily

In a recent online survey, it was revealed that 84% of women didn't use sunscreen as a part of their daily beauty routine.

All in ‘Vein?’...IV Bars Face Controversy

IV treatments have stuck around through controversy over its safety and effectiveness, providing aesthetic and medicinal benefits, along with intense hydration.

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