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Anti-aging Targets for the Paramedical Practioner

I have spent the last six months at medical and esthetics conferences abroad, which opened my eyes to two potential new anti-aging targets for esthetics—fillers with facial mapping and enzymes with face lift threads.

Immunity-driven Professional Skin Care with an Equipment Boost

Skin wellness is our pure science innovation for building healthy skin integrity.

Addressing Aging for the Eyes, Neck, Chest and Hands

Understanding the physiology of the skin in these often overlooked areas is key to preventing and treating the signs of premature aging.

Spring 2016 Colors Transcend Norms

Season after season, Pantone Color Institute reports on leading color trends impacting all design industries, particularly cosmetics.

Advise Clients to Toss Expired Makeup

Items in makeup bags can often stick around much longer than what is healthy for the skin.

The Wellness Synergy of Detoxification and Essential Oils

Open any natural health or beauty magazine, read the signs in the windows of a spa, check out the website of your local holistic medi spa practice—chances are you'll see "detoxifying" treatments offered.

Reflections: It's Personal

Beauty is personal. We all have different skin issues, favorite products and application techniques, and clients are no different.

Micro-focused Ultrasound Safe for Darker Skin Types

A study by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery found micro-focused ultrasound treatment to tighten and lift skin on the face and neck appeared to be safe for patients with darker skin types.

‘Tis the Season for Pumpkin-spiced Facials

Take a note from these six spas that gathered inspiration from the autumn season.

Lash and Brow Styles Speak Volumes

Fashion and makeup trends seem to move enigmatically in and out of style each year, whether sparked by some iconic Hollywood starlet, or a subconscious manifestation of social or economic trends. The fluctuations in beauty standards over the years are not as random as they seem.

Exfoliating Naturally with Enzymes

Enzymatic exfoliation has seen a slight decline lately, but it has a place, in particular for those skin types where mechanical and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) exfoliation is too strong.

Researchers Link Dynein and Autogaphy to Aging Skin

Increased signs of aging in skin may be linked to decreased dynein levels and decreased autogaphy activity, according to a team of research scientists from the Avon Skincare Institute (ASI).

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