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[Infographic] Women Don't Use Sunscreen Daily

In a recent online survey, it was revealed that 84% of women didn't use sunscreen as a part of their daily beauty routine.

All in ‘Vein?’...IV Bars Face Controversy

IV treatments have stuck around through controversy over its safety and effectiveness, providing aesthetic and medicinal benefits, along with intense hydration.

#10 Things to Know About Popular Essential Oils

As essential oils become more mainstream, it is important for professionals to understand their multiple uses.

The Body Benefits of Infrared

Weight loss is the most popular reason that people choose to get an infrared body wrap. As we know, sweat consumes calories, and an infrared body wrap produces three to five times more sweat than exercise.

Scrub Swap

Although we have become attached to microbeads in our products, have no fear, there are many effective alternatives.

Infrared Protection: Hype or Hope?

These days there’s a lot of hype about infrared (IR) protection for the skin. Should we be concerned about IR, and if so, what can be done about it?

Natura Bissé Debuts Mindful Touch Spa Experience

Natura Bissé’s Mindful Touch Spa Experience is designed to create a relaxed state of mindfulness through a combination of virtual reality and wellness protocols.

Video: What is Your Exfoliation IQ?

In this Face & Body Northern California video, Susanne Schmaling demonstrates her physical exfoliation method and what you should consider in your treatments.

Removing Hair During Cancer Care

When dealing with a client with cancer, a lot more thought needs to be put into these hair removal services. This article discusses safety precautions to take with hair removal before surgery, during chemotherapy, during biological therapy and during hormone therapy, as well as additional health considerations.

Psoriasis Injectable Approved by FDA With Stipulations

The FDA has approved a possible treatment for adults with moderate-to-severe psoriasis. Although showing positive changes in reducing symptoms, the FDA has warned of potentially fatal side effects.

Non-Invasive Cellulite Option Lasts Up to 3 Years

Cellfina cuts off cellulite at its source, for a relatively pain-free and non-invasive option to reduce dimpled and puckered skin that affects at least 85% of U.S. women.

Telehealth: Skin Care Just a Few Clicks Away

Telehealth is a new technological alternative to traditional health care through a screen. Professionals, specifically dermatologists, have an easier time connecting with patients who need help with their skin, but may not have the proper income or access to the care.

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